Meinl Cajon Pedal
Soft foam beater. Cradle-like mount fits all common cajons. Ultra-smooth and durable cable. Adjustable spring tension on both the pedal and the mount. Position anywhere for optimal playability.
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Price: $169.99
Meinl Cowbell Bass Drum Holder, Standard
Fully adjustable. Rubber pads guards against scratching.
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Price: $15.99
Meinl Drum Stick Holder, Black
Price: $24.99
Meinl Multi Clamp, One Mount
Length adjustable. Strong mounting clamp,
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Price: $29.99
Meinl Pedal Mount, Black
Height adjustable legs. Metal spikes attached to the bottom of the legs.
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Price: $49.99
Meinl Standard Multi Clamp, One Mount
Strong mounting clamp. Length adjustable.
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Price: $19.99
Pearl  Concert Snare Drum Stand
Can be used with Snare Kit alone or with a drum set
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Price: $74.99