Fender Rustler Open Back Banjo, 5 String
    Fender’s new Rustler open-back banjo produces a nice mellow tone with comfortably lightweight feel.
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    Price: $399.99
    Gold Tone  GT-500 Banjitar, 6 String
    The GT-500 6-string for guitar players is traditionally styled with a maple rim, maple resonator, maple neck, and a radiused rosewood fingerboard. The unique Gold Tone SMP pickup accentuates the bass notes and provides piercing banjo-style treble. This model has excellent acoustic volume and good sustain.
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    Price: $786.75
    Gold Tone AC-5 Composite Resonator Banjo
    The AC-5 Resonator Banjo may stray a bit from the traditional wood body banjo design, but it packs a punch like no other and will stand up against any banjo in its price range.
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    Price: $336.75
    Gold Tone AC-6+ Banjitar, with Gigbag
    Acoustic Composite Banjo Guitar with Pickup and Gig Bag
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    Price: $472.50
    Gold Tone BG-250F Banjo, 5 String
    The BG-250F is the first professional 5-string banjo in Gold Tone's line. It is a vintage replica of the most famous banjo ever played in bluegrass music.
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    Price: $1,011.75
    Gold Tone OB-250 Orange Blossom Banjo
    Gold Tone's Orange Blossom (OB) banjos pay homage to the pre-WWII banjos played by Earl Scruggs. The OB-250 features a sand-cast flathead brass tone ring, a cast metal flange and a maple neck with
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    Price: $1,289.25