Boss  OC-3 Super Octave
    The BOSS OC-3 Super Octave pedal does more than simply add an octave effect to your guitar. You get three different modes, plus the ability to plug in a guitar or a bass. Choose between the cool Polyphonic Octave mode, the Drive mode (with distortion), and BOSS's original OC-2 mode.
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    Price: $129.00
    Boss  PS-6 Harmonist
    When you want 3-voice guitar harmony, you don't need to call up two of your friends, just stomp on the PS-6 Harmonist, and prepare to be amazed! This little blue box packs intelligent Harmony, Pitch Shifter, and Detune modes.
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    Price: $149.00
    Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist
    Combining sophisticated sound with simple operation, the VE-2 Vocal Harmonist delivers a complete effects solution for all singers, particularly those that perform with guitar. This portable, battery-powered stompbox has everything you need to create...
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    Price: $199.00
    Digitech  Whammy DT Pitch Shifting Pedal w/Drop Tuning
    Introducing a new addition to the DigiTech Whammy Family -- Whammy DT! They've taken the premier pitch shifting effects pedal added drop tuning and true bypass to bring you the ultimate Whammy pedal, the Whammy DT.
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    Price: $299.95
    EarthQuaker Devices  Arpanoid Polyphonic Pitch Arpeggiator
    The first dedicated compact polyphonic pitch arpeggiator effect pedal for electrical guitar! What does the Arpanoid do? The Arpanoid takes whatever you play and transforms it into an adjustable ascending or descending scale.
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    Price: $225.00
    EarthQuaker Devices  Rainbow Machine Pitch Shifter Pedal
    Welcome to the Rainbow Machine, in all its synthetic glory! This one is for experimenters, adventurists and noisemakers. Totally not for purists and/or tone hounds, there are no "natural sounds" that will come from this box. It takes modern DSP and...
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    Price: $225.00
    EarthQuaker Devices  Tentacle Analog Octave Up
    The Tentacle is a classic analog octave up effect. It is the very same octave from EarthQuaker's beloved Hoof Reaper pedal. They got so many requests to make this a stand-alone unit that they just had to make it a reality.
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    Price: $125.00
    Electro-Harmonix  Nano POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Pedal
    The smallest member of the polyphonic POG clan provides impeccable tracking and sound. Separate level controls for dry, sub octave and octave up plus an extra Dry out and silent footswitching provide the perfect formula for this compact jewel.
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    Price: $202.90
    TC Helicon Harmony Singer Vocal Pedal
    Increase your sound with a couple of backup singers, an expert engineer and a ton of gear - all with one simple stomp box. Whether you’re electric, electro-acoustic, pro or practicing, Harmony Singer means that your vocal presentation will rock just as hard as your guitar.
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    Price: $199.99
    TC Helicon Play Acoustic Vocal FX Harmonizer
    Play Acoustic combines all the things you need to make a live acoustic performance shine: lavish vocal sounds, perfect backing harmonies, best-selling guitar effects, and unique processing that makes your six-string sing - in perfect harmony with your voice.
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    Price: $299.99