Gemeinhardt 3SHBNG "New Generation" Flute
    The Gemeinhardt 3SHB intermediate flute has been a longtime favorite for students upgrading their flutes. Featuring a sterling silver NG1 headjoint, silver-plated body, mechanism, and B footjoint, French style keys (open hole) and an inline g.
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    Price: $1,169.00
    Powell Sonare PS55BEFK Open Hole Flute w/Aurumite Lip Plate
    Verne Powell developed the Ardeleve flute around 1951 by placing a Powell headjoint on a flute made in France. The Powell Sonaré model is based on this concept and was established in 2002. Every Powell Sonaré flute features a hand-cut headjoint and body made at Powell's Boston area shop. Powell Sonaré models are available in a range of levels, all of which allow the player to perform with the renowned, professional Powell Sound virtuosity at a step-up flute price.
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    Price: $1,906.00