Boss  CS-3 Compressor
    Enhanced sustain, tight control of dynamics, fatter sound. . . all from one pedal! The CS-3 gives you smooth sustain without degrading the quality of the original sound. A range of effects from gentle compression to squeezed sounds is at your command.
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    Price: $99.00
    Electro-Harmonix  Tone Corset Analog Compressor Pedal
    The Tone Corset, Electro-Harmonix's new four-knob analog compressor, squeezes your guitar tone in all the right ways! Mike Matthews says, "The Tone Corset is the funkiest analog compressor I ever heard on a guitar!"
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    Price: $89.50
    Pigtronix  Philosophers Tone Micro
    Turn Lead to Gold with the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro. Famous for its noiseless clean sustain, the Philosopher's Tone stands out as a uniquely powerful guitar effect in the crowded world of compressor pedals.
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    Price: $119.00
    Pigtronix Philosopher King Pedal
    Pigtronix Philosopher King is a compressor, sustainer, distortion and polyphonic amplitude synthesizer.
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    Price: $299.00
    TC Electronic  SpectraComp Mini Bass Compressor Pedal
    SpectraComp Bass Compressor is the tiniest big thing to hit the world of bass in a long time. This ultra-compact and highly intuitive multiband compressor, is made to bring out all of the glorious low-end punch and presence of your beloved bass in the most transparent and musical way you've ever heard.
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    Price: $99.99